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Stagecraft specialists

The company was established in 1994. With an outstanding commitment to innovation, ASM has since then gained an excellent reputation as a competent national and international partner for reliable drive and control technology for stage, theatre and studio applications. Wherever loads need to be hoisted, the ASM product range covers the entire spectrum of applications for point hoists, scenery hoists and stage light hoists. The company’s philosophy of innovation is reflected in its numerous significant patents and its specialisation on providing customised system solutions for all stagecraft needs.


Customer satisfaction

Innovation, outstanding quality and safety as well as user friendliness are our highest priorities, and our highly qualified staff and partners ensure we deliver on these.The company has positioned itself closely to its markets in order to facilitate direct communication with our professional end users and to create a climate of optimum identification. ASM sees itself not only as a provider of drive technology solutions for even the most complex applications, but also as a provider of service, especially after sales service. Customer satisfaction governs everything we do, and for this precise reason our terms and conditions do not contain provisions such as clauses stipulating the “place of warranty fulfilment”, which would require you to dismantle any hoists or controls and deliver them to us in the event of warranty claims.


Seminars and workshops

ASM actively promotes a wide range of training events, because successful production always requires confident handling of hoisting equipment.This requires compliance with applicable code of practice and technical rules as well as correct selection of appropriate hoisting equipment (with corresponding carriers) while ensuring that hoisting gear is equipped and controlled appropriately for the given load case. For this reason ASM supports, among others, seminars and workshops of the European Media and Events Academy and the German Events Academy conducted by competent, experienced instructors from the industry, and also holds its own training sessions. Just talk to us.

ASM-Firmensitz in Bad Wünnenberg-Haaren Verkehrsgünstige Lage am Autobahnkreuz A44/A33 und dem Flughafen Paderborn/Lippstadt

ASM domiciled at Bad Wünnenberg-Haaren (Germany) Conveniently located at the intersection of freeways A44 and A33 and close to Paderborn/Lippstadt airport.

ASM's innovative strength is reflected in numerous patents

ASM’s innovative strength is reflected in numerous patents

Geschäftsführer Maurycy Sowka

Managing Director: Maurycy Sowka